The Inferiority Complex
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The Inferiority Complex

SCENE ONE (A Payless outlet, Cross Roads, on a Friday night during the summer of 2012. Amidst the many buyers is GEORGE, a local bartender wearing a crisp black trouser and a tight button up shirt. He looks through the variety of dress shoes on display. He glances up as an empoyee comes over to assist him.) EMPLOYEE 1 May I help you? GEORGE (in an obviously fake american accent) Yea sweetheart. Do ya got no croc's in a size 13? EMPLOYEE 1 Umm... I think we should have some in the back. I will just check that for you (EMPLOYEE leaves to a backroom. Moments later combined laughter is heard in the backroom. EMPLOYEE returns carrying a shoebox.) Here you go this is the last one we have in stock. GEORGE Thanks. (GEORGE takes the shoes and makes his way over to the cashier.) CASHIER 1 That will be $15 000.00 GEORGE Well...umm...maybe I can...hmm. Can I pay with my debit card? CASHIER 1 Sure GEORGE (GEORGE ruffles through his pockets and pulls out three cards.) Could you spread this across these three cards, please? CASHIER 1 Sure I will do that for you right now. Scene Two (A large wholesale in Downtown, Friday afternoon, the summer of 2012. Michael, a Marketing Consultant, is seen wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt while looking at the clothes on display. He decides what he wants and makes his way over to an employee. MICHAEL Yo baby love, how much fi dem clothes yah EMPLOYEE 2 A $1,500.00 fi all de shirt dem and $2,000.00 fi de pants and de shoes a fi $5,000.00 but wi have one sale so a $4,500.00 fi it now. MICHAEL So unnu nah nuh sale pan de shirt and pants. Employee 2 Mi nuh tink suh, mek mi guh ask di manager. (She leaves to the small room in the corner of the store where the manager stays, they converse for a few moments and she returns.) Him seh we nah nuh sale pan dem deh but because yah buy dem togeda him wil gi yuh everything fi

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