In Defense of Elitism

Topics: Education, Higher education, Academic degree Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 17, 2005
"In Defense of Elitism"
By: Dr. William A Henry
The dominant theme in this essay appears to be this: post war social changes such as offering increased university admission promote the view of egalitarianism in education. The author's main issue with "secondary" education is the sheer numbers of our population that the United States as a whole educates. According to Mr. Henry, the United States educates nearly thirty percent of high school graduates who go on to a four year bachelor's degree. He believes that the increased number of graduates has led to a workforce of mediocrity. In the author's comparison to other leading countries, the United States has academic standards and achievement requirements which do not directly insure that this nation's youth are job ready with a four year degree. Mr. Henry's theory states that the United States as a whole needs to restrict college admissions to only half of those who would seek degrees. In the essay, the author is of the opinion that by reducing the number of degree seeking students, a nation can improve quality and the value of a college education. To decrease the quantity of students would in the long run increase the quality of education. The author sees the necessity of restricting higher education to include only those who have demonstrated at an early age in the educational process the ability and ambition to pursue a higher education. In his opinion, following this process would allow only the more intelligent or ambitious of students into college, therefore assuring a competent post graduation workforce. Would severely limiting admission achieve the steep goals the author believes it will? Mr. Henry states that in order for the job market to sustain ample job opportunities for university graduates, those chosen should meet strict educational standards early in the education process. Without these measures, he believes, the American education system will continue to degrade as...
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