The Importance Of The Study Of Political Science

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The Importance of the Study of Political Science
1. Governments are the formal institutions of politics. Where there is government, there is politics. Where there is politics, there is power. Together with the formal institution of the state, they constitute the political system a term to suggest that politics is indeed a complex process involving citizen’s attitudes and interests, group organizations, electioneering, lobbying and formulation, implementation and interpretation of laws. It is important that we should know the government and our political institutions. Citizens all over the world in democratic societies, elect their officials, obey the laws and pay their taxes. 2. It enables them to know their rights and duties as members of a civilized society. It is imperative that they should know the structure and functions of the different components of their government. Political Science seeks to develop in individuals a sense of their rights and responsibilities as members of the state and a realization of the significance of law. 3. It provides the needed background for those who intend to enter the profession of law, foreign service, business education, and journalism. The multifarious activities of these professions are directly and intimately associated with the affairs of government. This is the rationale why all students in colleges and universities in the tertiary levels include some fundamental courses in political science. 4. It is better that law should rule than any individual.

5. Any form of government is good when the ruler who wields power ultimately seeks the good of all rather than his own personal interest. 6. Revolutions are necessary and justifiable if corrupt authorities and unjust treatment of the masses bring them about. 7. The primary duty of the state is to educate the citizens. Plato may be considered the father of political philosophy. He view the state affairs from the perspective of the philosopher whom all knowledge was an integrated whole. Aristotle supports his generations and value preferences in terms of observable fact. Plato supports intuitive insights.

Political scientists have used methods in studying man and his political activities. Among the methods used for the study of institutions and of political problems are the following: 1. Philosophical Method

During the times of Plato and Aristotle, Greek philosophers, both philosophized about government and man’s political activities. Since then, political scientist have expounded and analyzed political theories of what the government ought to be and how it ought to function. 2. Historical Method

The historical method seems to be the most popular of all the methods employed in studying political science. This method looks into the political institutions, which thrived in the past eras and appraises the political growth and development brought about by the tide of time. Using these as frame of reference, political analyst may be able to make certain inferences for future plans and action. 3. Experimental Method

This method seek to discover, by series of experiments, certain general political truths on political problems relating to rule of action or political experiments in all governments. The process of government is in fact a series of experiments. The government passes laws and regulations and it adapts political practices and institutions for the body politic to serve not for all time but only for as long as they are useful. The rise and fall of political parties the enactment of new laws and the formulation useful. The rise and fall of political parties the enactment of new laws and the formulation of new government policies and the changes in government form from monarchy to republic or from colonial government to independent government are in effect clear manifestations of the experimental approach. 4. Observation Method

This method deals with the study of political institutions by...
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