The Importance of Securing Police Equipment

Topics: Pepper spray, Auxiliary police, Capsicum Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 18, 2012
The Importance of Securing Police Equipment

This essay is written in accordance with the corrective measures given by the issued red chit. In this essay, I will discuss a few of the many important points of why a police officer should make sure his/her equipment is secure.

The main point, and perhaps the most important point I can make as well, would have to be; officer safety. Making sure one’s equipment is secure, should be the most important part of officer safety. Whether that means your equipment is secure around your waist, in a locker, or in a weapons vault, as long as the equipment is secure, it cannot fall into the wrong hands. If one was to leave a duty belt on a bus, unsecured, it can be accessed by anyone, including people who may want to use the items on that belt to harm others. Now, not only is the officer’s safety at risk, it is safe to argue that the officer has put innocent people’s safety at risk as well. Making sure that one is wearing their duty belt properly, with all the keepers, and making sure all snaps are secured before walking out of the detachment on duty, or off a bus, not only makes it safer for the officer to perform his/her duties, but the safety of the public is satisfied as well. The public wants to have trust and faith in the police services of their communities, and their abilities to keep them safe and secure from harm. Not securing equipment, would dissolve that trust, and show the public that some officers are inept, or neglectful in their duties, thus giving way to the public losing faith in our responsibilities and roles as public defenders. It is important to remember that all police services are painted with the same brush. When one community starts to lose faith in their police service, other communities will soon start asking if their police service is similar, and that doubt is extremely harmful.

Another important point as to why a making sure a police officer’s equipment is secure would be; that...
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