The Importance of Career and Performance Management Strategies

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The merger of InterClean with EnvironTech and its subsequent transition into a full service cleaning organization has brought about several changes in how they company does business. Therefore, updated career management strategies and performance management strategies must be developed in order to keep the employees competitive within their fields, and also to help develop the employees to one day become the managers of InterClean. This report focuses on the different career goals that an individual can have, and how InterClean can help them to get there. It also focuses on the performance standards and goals that should be set for employees and what can be done to meet those goals. As the two strategies have such a profound effect on the employees, by ensuring that their employees are taken care of in the future, InterClean will also be putting themselves in a position so that they are taken care of in the future as well.

The Importance of Career and Performance Management Strategies With the merger of InterClean and EnvironTech, employees now have a new set of responsibilities and a new set of career paths laid out in front of them. Accordingly, they must now have new performance management and career management strategies to help them succeed in this new company. Because InterClean has changed what it does since becoming a full service cleaning organization, new fields and new opportunities in existing fields have opened up. This presents the employees with a host of new opportunities for them in regards to where they want to take their career. Once their career goals have been determined, it becomes time to develop a performance management strategy that will help them accomplish that. In order to ensure that employees are living up to the new responsibilities that they have, we must set standards for them and help them to develop performance goals that are in line with their career goals. If the employees perform within the standards and meet or exceed their goals, then they can proceed down their chosen career path. Career management strategies are designed to give individuals a sense of what steps they need to accomplish in order to get to where they want to be in their careers. The strategy that an employee follows is largely going to be developed by the employee rather than by InterClean, as the employee is the one who truly knows what they want to do with their career and what jobs and positions will make them happy along the way. However, it is also the responsibility of the company to provide for the employees a general roadmap of what jobs and positions would be beneficial in helping them to achieve their career goals. Once this has been accomplished, it is on the employees to follow through or not follow through with the advice given to them by InterClean to achieve their goals (Cascio, 2005). Individuals who manage their own careers start off by examining where they are currently at, and then identify what possible career opportunities lay in front of them. At InterClean, we have moved from being a company that just sold cleaning products to being a company that provides full service cleaning solutions. Accordingly, several new career opportunities have opened up. Additional positions in sales and marketing have been created due to the company’s expansion and increase in business. Positions dedicated to customizing product solutions have been developed in order to meet the customers’ requests. Finally, employees in the profession of implementing the full service solutions for those employees requesting it are being brought on board. In addition to the expansion/creation of these three position types, each field also requires managers, which provides opportunity for advancement within the company. Employees are now presented with four career options at InterClean instead of just two. From here, employees can determine if they like the department that they are currently in, if...

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