The Impact of Rural Banking on Development

Topics: Civil service, Bureaucracy, Public administration Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: April 18, 2013
THE CIVIL AND THE PUBLIC SERVICE DIFFERENCIES A public Servant is someone who does something that is in the best interest of the people. It can fit many different roles but is often used by politicians to describe them. A Civil Servant is someone whose job is to do government work, usually a bureaucratic. A civil servant or public servant is a civilian career public sector employee working for a government department or agency. The term explicitly excludes the armed services, although civilian officials will work at "Defence Ministry" headquarters. The term always includes the (sovereign) state's employees whether regional, or sub-state, or even municipal employees are called "civil servants" varies from country to country. In the United Kingdom, for instance, only Crown employees are civil servants, county or city employees are not.

Many consider the study of civil service to be a part of the field of public administration. Workers in "non-departmental public bodies" (sometimes called "Quangos") may also be classed as civil servants for the purpose of statistics and possibly for their terms and conditions. Collectively a state's civil servants form its Civil Service' or Public Service. Two concepts of public servants and civil servants are very confusing in any study of public administration as both are very similar to each other. Not understanding the two concepts clearly is the reason why some students make the mistake of treating them as interchangeable, which is wrong as despite similarities, there are vital differences that need to be highlighted.

One thing common to both a civil servant and a public servant is the fact that they are both officials in government departments, and though they are termed servants, they are actually bred and brought up to feel superior to common people. Both have an umbrella of security in the sense that their jobs are guaranteed, even if they are average or poor performers, and this sense...
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