The Horse Dealer's Daughter. Summary

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In Support of Dormitory Policies

College is a big family for everyone who just leaves home. For them, leaving their families are very good for them who want to start a new life and they can do everything without controlling. When you start a new life, you must adopt to it. Dormitory is a new beginning for many people, so you must know how to make friends with people who live with you.

First, be quiet when others do other things that they need to do some things well. Maybe in your home your parents will let you do anything that you like and want to do, and you will not think about others. When you are in a new environment, you can't do everything by yourself without thinking for others. The reason is that you don't live in this room alone, you have friends who will live with you for four years, so you shouldn't disturb others because you want to enjoy a good time and make friends with them.

Second, don't bring others to your dormitory who your roommates don't know, maybe you like making friends with others, but you must know that nobody let strang people enter into your room. Just like you like eating strange food, but others maybe don't like it; you like this celebrity, but others maybe dislike him. As result of living in a big family, you can't do anythings that you want to do, on the contrary, you learn more things from your friends. Life likes a scale, it gives you some things then you must lost some things.

Last but not least, good habit is very important for everyone who live in one room. If you want to live well with others, you shouldn't do some strang things that no one likes. Life likes food, in some aspects, this food you like, but some food you don't like. When you meet food that you like, you will eat very happily, but you meet food that you don't like, you also need to eat them.

Dormitory policies are very good for people who live in a same room, it can give you a very good example and can let you know how...
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