The Guest by Albert Camus

Topics: Irony, Albert Camus, Algerian War, Algeria / Pages: 9 (2055 words) / Published: Oct 3rd, 2012
"The Guest" by Albert Camus
For this assignment you are required to:

1) Review the elements of literature (pages) found in the contents page under "Elements of Literature"

2) Research and write a (one-page, 250 words maximum) report entirely in your own words, answering the question: What is existentialism? What beliefs do existentialists hold?

3) Read "The Guest" by Albert Camus. Click onto link.

4) Answer the questions which follow. Ensure that each response is in paragraph form. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 150 words in length, and must supported by direct and/or indirect quotations. Pay particular attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, as well as to the proper documentation of quotations.

Questions for "The Guest" (paragraph responses):

1. What is the central conflict in the story? Is it external or internal? Can it be defined in terms of a dilemma? In the short story “The Guest” by Albert Camus, the main conflict in the story is Daru, regarding his internal struggle and having to send the Arab back to the French officials. He does notbelieve in taking either side, and will not settle with one party. Daru does not intend to turn the prisoner into the French officials, although he had been ordered to. His problematic situation is to either do what he is told, or go against and do what he believes is right. However, if Daru does the task that is give at hand, and does what is asked and expected of him, he would have to take the prisoner to the French; but, if Daru were to do what he wanted rather than listen, he would go against what is asked, and let the prisoner go free. The central conflict in the short story “The Guest” is moral choice. The story is both internal and external. Internally the inner conflict within Daru's choice to let the prisoner free, while externally Daru will have to face the consequences of his unlawfulness and reject his responsibility, as he has a great deal of them in the position he is in.


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