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Introduction: Algeria was made a French colony from the 1830s and it was a very tough colonization for them. However, after an almost 130-year colonization of violence and oppression from the French, Algerians started to fight for their independence in 1954. Their struggle for independence did not come with ease, nearly one million people were killed, their culture was stripped, traditions destroyed, and the country was all torn up during the process of them trying to fight for their independence...

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The Decolonisation of Algeria

(Costa). One such country controlled by France –and my focus for the purposes of this essay- was Algeria. From its initial occupation in 1830, France’s hegemony over Algeria spanned more than one hundred years whilst the colony’s revolt against its imperial master lasted a mere eight. Finally, on the 3rd of July 1962 Algeria gained independence from the French empire. I shall now explore how Algeria adapted to its new found status of self-determination and how France reacted to the disintegration...

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Lifestyle in Algeria

Project n°: 01 Of Life styles in Algeria Passed from : Section : - 2 L Under the supervision of : School year : 2009 – 2010 . Search criteria: 1 - Introduction 2 - Clothing Algeria * In the past, * In the present * Future 3 - Eating in Algeria * In the past, * In the present * Future 4 - Entertainment in Algeria * In the past, * In the present * Future 5 - Conclusion. ...

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Algeria Imperialism Essay

Hidalgo, Nate B4, World History & Geography 1-10-13 Algeria Imperialism Essay The number one source of income for Algerians was the imports and exports through trading harbors on the coast of their country. The French have began too created and enforce French Assimilation onto Algeria and it’s people. Algeria is on the Northern Coast of Africa with all its major cities and capital along the coast. The city most pursued was the capital, Algiers. This was sought after the most because...

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Decolonization of Algeria and Mozambique

Decolonization of Algeria and Mozambique Essay Preparation Draft Today, Algeria and Mozambique are independent countries in Africa, but before that, since the early 1900’s and earlier, both countries were under colonial rule. Before Algeria and Mozambique gained their independence as a country, Algeria was under the French rule, while Mozambique was under Portuguese rule. However, eventually in 1962, Algeria gained its independence and in 1974 Mozambique gained its independence. In terms of the...

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Algeria After Independence

The Evian Accords which were signed in 1962 giving Algeria immediate independence and French aid to help reconstruct the country. The French Sahara with its oil resources was also handed over to Algeria. In return the FLN guaranteed protection and civil rights for the French Algerians choosing to remain in the country, and the option of choosing either French or Algerian nationality after three years. Eight years of war had shattered Algeria. There had been more than one million Algerian casualties...

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Southeast Asia and Africa [1]. These imperialized territories were divided into colonies. Western Sahara is an African territory situated on the western edge of the Sahara desert, along the Atlantic Ocean. It borders with Morocco to the north, Algeria to the northeast and Mauritania to the southeast. Spain claimed ownership of this territory in 1884 during the Berlin Conference, which had the purpose to divide African territory among European countries and set up rules for colonizing Africa to...

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Culture of West Africa

Culture of West Africa Geography and climate West Africa includes the western part of the Maghreb (Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), occupies an area of ​​more than 6.14 million km2, or about one-fifth of Africa. The vast majority of these lands consist of the plains lying less than 300 meters above sea level, although some elevation exists in many countries along the southern coast region. The northern part of the West African semi-arid terrain is made up of known as the Sahel...

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Cultural Differences Between France and Middle-East (Maghreb)

the 20th most populous country in the world. In 2004, a total of 140,033 people immigrated to France. Of them, 90,250 were from Africa and 13,710 from Europe. In 2008, France granted citizenship to 137,000 persons, mostly to people from Morocco, Algeria and Turkey. It is illegal for the French state to collect data on ethnicity and race, a law with its origins in the 1789 revolution and reaffirmed in the constitution of 1958.. While official data on the size of the country's ethnic minorities is...

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Battle of Algiers Essay

At this point, the political leading of the film slides to the side of the Algerians. It is the start of a series of emotional manipulations by Pontecorvo. As the film moves on the Algerians conduct terrorist attacks on the French quarter of Algeria. After these attacks, the same lietmotif softly plays in the background while the French citizens survey the damage. The viewer manipulation now sways into balance, as it is revealed that the skew is not placed on the side of the Algerians, but...

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