The Greenhouse Gas Effect

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Heat, Atmosphere Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The greenhouse gas effect
The greenhouse gas effect is the accumulation of natural and man-made gas in the atmosphere which does not block sunlight but trap heat to keep the temperature on Earth suitable for life. Imagine a greenhouse that is made of glass that supports plants growth. Visible sunlight can go through the glass but the heat in which it contains can’t go back through the glass, thus a greenhouse keeps plants warm allowing them to live and grow happily. The same process with gas replacing the glass exists naturally in the atmosphere; this is how earth keeps herself warm. The sun’s ray goes through the Earth’s atmosphere and loses most of its energy as the wave hits the earth’s surface so that its warmth can’t go back through the shield of gases, thus the insulation for Earth is created. About 50% of thermal energy from the sun is absorbed at the top of the atmosphere, and since little or no heat can escape after collision with Earth, the greenhouse gas is a natural blanket around the earth. However, too much greenhouse gas can make the earth unusually warm. Fortunately the production of greenhouse gases is naturally controlled in the atmosphere. However one factor can speed up the process of producing the greenhouse gases. This factor is human activity. Human activities which are bad for the environment include driving, burning of fossil fuels, and agriculture. Including water vapor, the percentage of man-made emission of greenhouse gases is 0.28%; excluding the water vapor, the percentage of human emission is 5.53%. It might not seem like much, but man made emission can really accelerate the making of greenhouse gases and make the process uncontrollable to make the earth too warm for some animals and environments. Greenhouse gases are essential for the earth to keep its mean temperature, and the process of making any of the gases naturally is controlled. However when human activities intervene with nature the results can be catastrophic.
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