The GPA Chaos

Topics: Education, Higher education, Grade Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: March 13, 2014
The GPA Chaos by Arsalan A. Wasti

Evaluation of a student’s performance has always been a critical function of any educational institution. This evaluation not only influences a student’s admission process in other institutions, but also his career recruitment. In the recent times, the GPA (Grade point Average) system of evaluation has replaced the existing percentage system in Pakistan. Almost all of the emerging higher education institutions are using this system & most of the existing ones have adapted the foresaid system. Incorporation of international performance gauging system by our local varsities is of course a promising omen, which eventually would lead us to quality higher education. Almost all of us, who have gone through higher education in the recent past, or who are presently engaged in to it, would be knowing the computation of the GPA score, but for the ones who doesn’t know, lets grab the nuts and bolts of the evaluation system, before we get in to the crux of the subject. The letter-grade GPA system is based on the fact that we all find it convenient to lump things, including people (perhaps especially people), into categories. Thus, "A" work is excellent or superior, "B" good or solid, "C" average or mediocre, "D" bad and below average, and "F" poor and failing. Letter grades are determined by conversion of numerical percentages from exams and other work. The "Grade Point Average" or GPA or overview of student performance derives from averaging these grades weighted according to the credit hours involved. As an example, the number of credits in each course is multiplied by the number of "quality points", with 4 points for A, 3 for B, 2 for C, 1 for D, and 0 for F. The QP total is then divided by total credits taken, so that GPA = the QP average per credit. For example, if student X takes 5 courses, with #1, #2, and #3 at 3 credits each, #4 at 2 credits, and #5 at 4 credits, and receives an "A" in each, the...
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