The Future of WiMAX and its Effect on Our Lives

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The Future of WiMAX and its Effect on Our Lives
Sultan Alghamdi
Hawaii pacific University
IS 6070

Table of Content
I. Introduction

II. Historical Information about WiMAX.
A. WiMAX in the past.
A.1. Using WiMAX technology in that time
A.2. Acknowledgment people about WiMAX
B. What changed nowadays?
B.1. The developing of Wi-Fi technology
B.2. Challenging WiMAX with LTE

III. Effect of WiMAX on our Lives
A. More flexibility in transfer information
A.1. Using Wi-Fi in many field in life
A.2. In business
B. More devices provide WiMAX
1. Companies start using it
2. In phones
3. Which one WiMAX or LTE

C. Health concern about WiMAX

IV. Advantage of WiMAX
a.i.1. Can serve hundreds of users
a.i.2. Much faster speed
a.i.3. Safety

V. Disadvantage of WiMAX
A.1.1. Line of sight is needed for longer connections
A.1.2. Bandwidth
A.1.3. Weather conditions
A.1.4. Big installation and operation cost

VI. Conclusion

This research examined the effects of WiMAX on our lives. Also, shows the advantages of using this technology, even if we have alternatives. On the other hand, see the effect of this technology on our lives. WiMAX has developed rabidly, and has challenged with other technologies such as LTE. Since this growth and escalating on using it, this research will focus on how this technology is impact people’s life. Keywords: WiMAX, Security, LTE, GSM, Broadband, IEEE,Wi-Fi.

The Future of WiMAX and its effect on our life
WiMAX means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Also, WiMAX is a special type of wireless networking that has a wider range of services than Wi-Fi. With WiMAX connection you can connect at speeds up to 70 Mbps. With this range the technology can serve thousands of homes and business as well. Obviously, Wi-Fi was the most popular broadband wireless and until now. The Wi-Fi standards–802.11b and 802.11g–are used in many homes and businesses and enable internet access with high speed. On the other hand, one of the main drawbacks is the poor signal coverage, which is up to 30 meters, but WiMAX can cover 50km with wireless access. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. How WiMAX work.
WiMAX is a development of Wi-Fi, it is not intended to replace it. Instead these two technologies complete each other. WiMAX provides a high speed internet connection in an expanded area. It does provide the expediency of Wi-Fi without hotspots because it has a more limited distance. With WiMAX people can say it gives the Wi-Fi what GSM technology provides to smart phones. This research will expose the history of this technology, the effect of it on our lives, and the advantages and disadvantages of using it. Historical Information about WiMAX

Now, technology is one of the most important factors in our lives, and it is difficult to get rid of it. Even though with this development in technology and sharing information, wireless technology devolved rapidly. WiMAX is the idea that comes with many solutions in the wireless field. In this area, the technology creates different directions such as improvement in the Wi-Fi connection, coming up with other technologies similar to WiMAX like LTE. On the bad side, which include health concerns that come with these radiation waves, which can affect people’s health.

In general, what does WiMAX technology mean? This is very important to know. To explain it well, everyone has to know that WiMAX is not the same as Wi-Fi. In the past, the internet was not spread like it is now so this technology was not well-known. Nowadays, it is bigger and effective in society, because this science has become more important than before.

In fact, what changed is that now people become more interested in these technologies and look for more development in this field. With development in this field, companies start to invent new technology that can be...

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