Week 8 It-242

Topics: Bluetooth, Mobile phone, Wi-Fi Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Week 8 Assignment: Wireless Signals

For a while in the past, we refer the wireless technology as cellular phones. But now, the term "wireless" refers to more varied devices & technologies, like smartphones, computers, printers, headphones and even speakers that connects together in different ways. Today’s wireless phones for example, may include data packets like 3G & 4G cellular radio signals, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth technologies, these technologies have advance in a fast pace that investing in equipment like 4G phone and/or 802.11x wireless routers can offer you & your business a variety of speed improvements for your money. Now I shall describe the characteristics of every type of wireless signal types so we can learn to use every signal type.

Wi-Fi is one of the wireless signal types, it uses IEEE 802.11 specifications to make a wireless LAN or local-area network that we can secure, like a home or office network, or even a public network like a coffee shop. Mostly a Wi-Fi network is a way wired connections thru a subscription to the internet leads to a wireless router sending and receiving data from and to customer’s devices, not only they connect to the internet but also to other users directly. The Wi-Fi range is usually wide so most homes or small businesses can communicate together, but for larger homes or even college campuses for example, must implement extenders in strategic places to extend the wireless signal all over the needed place. Wi-Fi standard evolved quickly, with newer versions of it making the signal more efficient & faster than previous versions. Right now most devices use 802.11a/b/g or n, but is also backwards compatible in order to make sure that an older device or laptop computer can also connect to new Wi-Fi routers. But to get the optimal connection speeds, your router & devices must use the latest 802.11 technology, so once you upgrade your computer or get a USB wireless n antenna, consider also getting a...
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