The Future of Job

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Organizational Behavior
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Making decision in business operation is very difficult task for any business organization. Operating a business organization should have several concerns for its internal environment and external environment because success of any business majorly associated with these two environment. Internal environment of any business organization consists of its directors, management, employees and so many. Basically internal environment refers as the environment that can be controlled or guided within the organization. It represents the strengths and weaknesses of any organization too. Strong control l over this environment may bring heavy success to organization. If we look at most of the successful organization around the world we see that one of the reasons behind their success is strong internal environment. These organizations have competence for establishing better working conditions, hiring best talents, raising huge capital better than their competitors. These competences also help them to adopt with external environment much better than their competitors. On the other hand, external environment of any business organization consists of its customers, suppliers, labor market, competitors, government and so many, Basically, external environment refers as the environment which can’t be controlled or guided by the organization. It also rep[resents the opportunity and treat of the organization. Today’s business environment success of any organization heavily depends on this environment. Because in globalized business environment external environment changes rapidly. In these circumstances, business organizations have to adopt with the changes as much as possible otherwise they will be off track from the race of competition. Finally, adopt with the competitive business environment organizations must have strong internal support. In my assignment, here I tried to understand how Johnson & Johnson +the world’s most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products, pharmaceuticals and medical services able to make their decision in terms of handling its internal and external environment. This assignment is only conducted with answer of review questions those are given in case 14 which is collected from

Johnson & Johnson:
Johnson & Johnson is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services for consumers and pharmaceutical and medical devices of both a consumption and diagnostic manner. With brand names like Tylenol, Band-Aid Brands, Reach toothbrushes, Neutrogena skin products, and recently stents, Johnson & Johnson has global recognition. J&J was incorporated in 1887 through the combined efforts of Brothers Robert and Edward Johnson. The brothers pioneered surgical dressings into an industry based on the work of noted English surgeon, Sir Joseph Lister. J&J also developed a soft, absorbent cotton and gauze antiseptic dressing that could be mass produced and shipped in quantities to physicians, hospitals, and druggist in the country. Representative of a conglomerate business model, Johnson & Johnson has more than 200 companies operating in 57 countries employing over 110,000 employees and selling products in more than 175 countries. A constant challenge for such a large, diversified company is to infuse its decision-making process with the entrepreneurial energy of a small start-up firm. Johnson and Johnson have always had an international focus to its business, beginning in Canada in 1919. It launched a concerted effort at product diversification with...
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