The Future of Eqt

Topics: Stock, Stock market, Share price Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 9, 2013
The Future of EQT
Jamie D. Briggs
Trident University International
Professor Albert Widman

Today we will look at if a possibly equity future investment would be a good choice for EQT. We will look at the last 5 years of their stock and see how it has inclined or declined in stock price. We will attempt to look at some factors to determine if in one year the stock will be in a positive standing.

What factors do we need to look at when determining to buy into a company such as EQT? Well, being an oil company, they have a resource that is very necessary to us and our everyday needs. The way we get to work, business operations, etc. We cannot live without it in this day and age. From the early 1990’s EQT has been on the rise and reached their highest share price around 73 dollars back in 2008. They had quite the stock price fall right after, but in the last 5 years have been on the rise again to a healthy share price.

Currently they sit at roughly 60 dollars a share compared to the 25 dollar range they fell to in 2008 after their high. They have shown steady increase with little downfall in the last few years. Yahoo finance estimates that the share price for EQT to be around 71 dollars one year from today. This looks to be in line with the increases that EQT has seen in the past few years.

Right now 100 shares of EQT would cost you roughly 6000 dollars. I think that with the showing of their past growth over the last five years I would say that an investment in EQT would be safe although I would be weary of another big fall like they had in 2008. I would be weary of the upcoming years as they approach their high point in stock price again. As of right now I think a one year investment would be a wise choice and you could expect to see gains in the 15-20% range.

With EQT’s recent partnership with People’s Gas Corporation, I think their joined efforts will smooth out production and flaws they may have caused the major downfall in 2008. From EQT’s...

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