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Topics: Fallacy, Feminism, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (673 words) Published: August 12, 2014

“The Latest from the Feminist “Front” by Rush Limbaugh argument is that how male’s pursuit females. The title “Feminist Front is the first evidence that the writer use to characterize feminist create a facade. The writer claims his views on the feminist movement is rough, insensitive, cruel, and provocative. The writer is rough on feminist with is why there is common ground. The excerpt has several logical fallacies which is some type of counter statement that weakens an argument (Writer’s np). There are dozens of articles that are published in newspapers, advertisements, and other sources that have these logical fallacies. It is not easy to know if an argument is fallacious. The argument might be very weak to very strong. The writer makes the first logical fallacy called red herring. A red herring is when during the argument, the arguer changes the topic by raising a side issue that distracts the audience. The red herring fallacy in the first paragraph reads, “Few of my “Thirty-five Undeniable Truths of Life” have stirred as much controversy and outrage as Number Twenty-four: “Feminism was established so that unattractive women could have easier access to the mainstream of society.” Rush does not explain this truth about unattractive women. This is because he is Rush, a radio personality, which talks harshly and loud to sway people to believe his viewpoint. Now, he is normally wrong in my viewpoint like this excerpt. Rush gets paid to build controversy. Let’s look at his statement about “unattractive” women. The writer’s implied warrant statement about the unattractive feminism is his definition for an outspoken woman. His first sub-claim implies that some feminist leaders are anti-male, because they speak out when men inappropriately flirt or make inappropriate comments. This is one side of the issue which is called stacked evidence (Woods 222). The audience is supposed to agree with Rush, simply because, he repeats “it’s the truth” which...
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