The Forever Changing Events of the 1950's -1990's

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The Forever changing Events of the 1950’s -1990’s

Throughout the last fifty years there are many events that significantly shaped

who we are today and changed America’s future greatly. Throughout these decades the

American experience has greatly varied. There were several wars such as the Cold War,

Vietnam War, and the Gulf War all which took its own toll on the American people and

their economy. The civil rights movement, protest, and demonstrations throughout the

decades were validated by the impact they left. Through the various presidents we

witnessed many scandals and terminologies that remain and affect America today.

McCarthyism, Cold War Ideology, Eisenhower’s politics, The New Frontier, and

Reaganomics will stick with the American people forever. These are chain of events that

constantly shaped our country for what it is today. This paper will hit on a few of these

events that had the most powerful effects on the American People and the economy.

McCarthyism/ “The Red Scare" of The1950’s

Cold War ideology crystallized after the end of World War II. After World WarII,

Americans began to be very afraid of communists taking over the United States.

American referred to communist as “reds” this symbolized the communist as worse than

murderers. At one point during World War II the United States had an alliance with

Russia and Britain; however that alliance ended as America began to rebuild and Europe

continued to struggle. A power struggle known as the Cold War began between the

United States and Russia creating more fear in the American people of communism.

Americans became more and more suspicious of the Soviets; Americans thought being

associated with the communist were as bad as being one yourself. The fear and concern

p.2 The Forever changing Events of the 1950’s -1990’s

rose amongst the Americans fro communism which caused mass suspicion. The Truman

doctrine was put into place by President Truman. The doctrine enforced loyalty against

communism. Many were being accused of being connected to communism or communist

with no real evidence, in that came the Red Scare. The Red Scare or McCarthyism Era is

a termed used to describe anti-communism era of the 50’s which was named after Joseph

McCarthy. He was a former U.S. Senator who used the public’s fears against communism

to gain political standing. He claimed to have a list of suspected communists. He accused

many in and out of governmental positions of being communist or having commingled

with communist. There was and is no real evidence to base his claims. This caused a

great deal of miss trust for the American people and the government and caused a great

deal of social issues. The senate held hearings and along with McCarthy and the HAUC

many were black listed. McCarthyism had a major hand in the change in feelings

America had about both politics and society.

The Civil Rights Movements of the 1960’s

In the 1960’s racial challenges was discouraging and overtaking the society. The

African Americans bore the antagonistic reaction to the economy and were racially

segregated in every way from society. Their civil rights were violated and were not part

of the national agenda for change. The African American race was usually referred to as

“Negro” or “Colored.” The Civil rights of the 1960’s came with a high price. In spite of

The Declaration of Independence which states “All men are created equal” the injustice

that the African Americans endured was one that wasn’t easily spoken out about. There

were risk that took place in standing up for their right, many gave everything they had...

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