Decade of Corporate Greed

Topics: Ronald Reagan, President of the United States, Democratic Party Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: August 15, 2010
Decade of Corporate Greed

Dale Schroll

University of Phoenix Axia College

As Ronald Reagan Ascended in the 1980’s he reinvented Republican policies that favored deregulation and the growth of business in America. These Ideas markedly opposed the views of the governmental interventionist policies of the 1960’s and 70’s with these ideas Reagan hoped to decrease government Involvement and heavy taxes. With these tax cuts Reagan’s thinking was that many new businesses would spawn and that it would have a trickledown effect by not only empowering businesses to grow and hire more people which in the end would benefit all from those on top in the corporate world all the way down to the lowest person in the company in which everyone benefits. This was welcome news not only to the Republicans but also the “lunch bucket democrats” who were working class democrats who predecessor Jimmy Carter of whom they thought they were ignored by. As a result of this many government services were slashed and created ideas of the government being the problem. With this many republicans encouraged individuals to do good for themselves for the government would not do this for them.

With this encouragement of business growth and economic prosperity for as many people as possible individualism became a way of life in the 1980’s. The acquisition of wealth and indicators of it really helped to drive this decade in the 1980’s where it seemed most important to acquire as much “material” goods as possible. These ideas were also shown in the pop culture world as the artist Madonna made a hit song in the 80’s called “material girl” a song of the times basically about greed and gaining as material things as you possibly could with no shame of this greed. Also Gordon Gekko the fictional business tycoon in the film “Wall Street” stands up at board meeting to stress and states “Greed is good……Greed will not only fix this malfunctioning corporation called Teldar paper, but...

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