My Soul Is Rested

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Ku Klux Klan, African American Pages: 4 (1631 words) Published: August 16, 2011
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The Civil Rights Movement in the United States refers to a set of events and reform movements in that country aimed at bringing to an end public and private acts of racial discrimination and racism against African Americans between 1954 to 1968, Whenever the civil rights is brought up there are names that almost always come to mind like Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. But there are others both black and white that participated in the movement. That are not as famous or not mentioned in history but played a major part in the movement.

The book My Soul Is Rested by Howell Raines is a good book that shows exactly from first encounter interviews what went on during the civil rights movement. It has many important interviews that come from the people’s actual point of view of the history of events. Everything that went on during the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955, some of the actual people that participated in the sit-ins, what went on during the Freedom rides and, the campaigns on the school and university integrations Some of the people associated with movement and give an eye witness summary of what went down are student, News reporters, Black and white activist, Lawyers and government officials, and Politicians. The way the book is laid out is that everything that happened or said is from the people that witnessed and lived it. The book is not focused on one point of view or in a way that the author wants you to take or view what happened under his perspective but in a way that when you read the interviews and recollections, you feel what is going on from the unknown point of view. It puts you in the shoes of the interviewee and makes you see exactly what they are going through.

The achievement of the legal victory in the Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education in the year 1954, rejected separate white and colored school systems and by implication overturned the separate but equal doctrine established in Plessy vs....

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Howell Raines (1983) My Soul Is Rested: The Story Of The Civil Rights Movement In The Deep South. New York Penguin Books.
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