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The First Day Reflective Essay

By demolitionpj Jan 01, 2015 741 Words
The First day Reflective Essay
“The First Day”, by Edward P. Jones is pretty simple story to read. It is not complicated if only reader understand the concept of how adults who don’t have ability to read or write have to get through their lives harder than ones who have that kind of ability. Author want to give reader an idea how a girl feel when she find that her mother struggled in placing her daughter in a school only because she cannot do what other people normally can do. But that doesn’t stop her mother from putting her daughter an opportunity to find her own path ahead in her life. In the beginning of the story, Author wrote “On an otherwise unremarkable September morning, long before I learned to be ashamed of my mother...” it gave reader a first idea how she feel after she found out more about her mother. From what I see, it also gave me first impression that her mother had done something that the girl won’t going to forget. Girl’s mother treated girl well, ensure that she is satisfied with hunger, and prepared her before she goes to school. From what I see how mother done to her daughter gave me a little bit of confusion from my first impression on first sentence of the story. When mother and her daughter completed with all of preparation for school. When they went out of the house, It appears that environment around the house is not as decent. It must be around in ghetto urban areas according to the name of the streets. Most inner-towns has all streets ordered up in alphabets. Also name them up after states like New York Ave or New Jersey Ave. all of this environment has convinced me that mother and daughter are living in some low-priced houses. That also supported my first impression about mother. The climax of the story had came up when mother appeared to be very confirmed to her daughter that she’s going to small school across from her church, Seaton Elementary School. As when they arrived school, Woman who works there had told mother that they are living outsuide the boundary where Seaton serves. Mother disagreed and still want her daughter to attend that school. The woman is very friendly, she acted like she’s close with mother and duaghter. It could be why mother perfer this school instead of other school that is capable to serve her daughter. It appeared that people around in that school fit up in mother’s community. Unfortunately, woman insist that daughter have to attend Walker-Jones Elementary School. Mother is not in tha stubborn enough to argure, she came up with some frustration but she insist that she’ll send her to other school. Daughter asked her mother if she can’ go to any schools, mother had told her a positive quote, “One monkey don’t stop no show.” It turns out that Monkey represent a woman who told them that Seaton cannot serve her daughter. Mother doesn’t want to give up just because of this conflict. They arrived in Walker-Jones Elementary school, seemingly, Mother don’t feel fit in this community, but she determined to send her daughter in a school. I’d award her this one. However, when she faced the woman who works in that school and asked her where is the place to register. Everything finally made sense when she came up to the registation place. Mother started to feel uncomfortable when she found out that she have to write out the forms to register. Finally, she reveals that she cannot read or write to a woman who stood in the line front her. Daughter found it as not normal, even though she is very young, she could identify that her mother doesn’t have that ability to read or write like rest of people. As a reader, I can understand why daughter feel ashamed about her mother on the beginning of the sentence. But what I read in end part of the story, daughter feel so relived to have a kind of presistent mother. She won’t let any obsacles block her from reaching her goal.

Moral of the storty: don’t give up just because you have a gigantic obstacle get in your way. Try to climb over it, dig under it, or figure how to go around it.

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