The Filipino Family

Topics: Family, Time, Change Pages: 4 (1089 words) Published: October 8, 2013
1. The Changes in the structure of the Filipino Family
The Filipino family was considered as the backbone of the state (Carandang, 2008). That is why alterations in the family’s beliefs, practices, structures and members’ responsibilities immensely influence the nation’s constancy. These changes have put our “traditionally- structured” families at jeopardy. How the children in the family are being socialized is also subject to change that leads to inconsistency of the adaptation of the society to the small scale institutions like the family. I will give three visible changes in the structure of the Filipino family that are changed and continuously changing as of now. The first noticeable change in the Filipino family for the past two decades is the rise of the “OFW Families”. “OFWs send $14 billion to the country.

They are a major force in our economy.
They have kept us afloat over the last few years
And are thus central legs of our economy.
They are modern heroes; let us honour them.
Don’t romanticize OFWs to minimize social cost.
(Philippine Daily Inquirer, 30 April 2008)”

The stable and low salaries of the bourgeoisie as well as the minimum wage- earners and consistently increasing consumer’s basic goods lead them to decide to earn money somewhere. And some of the parents don’t just work there, they also tend to bring their families and live there as well and some parents leave their children in the custody of their grandparents. This is somehow alarming because if these phenomena will continue, no more Filipinos will be nurtured in their own lands and a sudden death of our cultural birthright will take place. Second is the progress in technology that distresses the arrangement of the family members’ communication. The usage of cell phones, computers and the internet has been a great help in the prompt communication of the members of the family especially to those members who are working overseas. But like the other changes...
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