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Definition of family

According to Binokritis, family consist of two or more individual in a close environment, staying together with a committed relationship, sharing the family functioning and have a family bind with emotions. In a meanwhile, Goldenberg define family as social system that have some characteristic, create a set of rule, family functioning, power structure, way of communication and discussion to solve problems and make the family function well. Most people said that, family were a group of people staying together that consist of parents, children or grandparents that had related by birth, marriage or adoption. All of them do their family functioning and always being connected among each other. There were many types of family such as dual family, career family and multifamily. Families are shaped by people who share a history and a future together. From this time perspective families are living systems moving through time. With the contemporary family pulsing with plural, multicultural patterns there are not one set course or normative sequence by which families develop overtime. Moreover, according to Monica McGoldrick and Betty Carter in their respected work on the family life cycle, they both also describe that family life cycle is like an underlying processes to be negotiated by “the expansion, contraction, and realignment of the relationship system to support the entry, exit, and development of family members in a functional way”. Then, the definition of major life-cycle transitions are marked by fundamental changes in the family system itself (second order changes) rather than rearrangements within the system (first order changes).

Family Life Cycle

McGoldrick and Carter also have designed a classification of critical, fundamental family life-cycle stages of American middle-class families in the beginning of the 21st century. There were table lists six stages and classification in family life cycle: 1. Leaving home: single young adult

2. The joining of families through marriage: the new couple 3. Families with young children
4. Families with adolescents
5. Launching children and moving on
6. Families in later life
Family life cycle is a developmental trend within the family over time. We will start to identify the stages started from single young adults. It is the time when young adult learn to be independent. The first stage in family life cycle is, the stage of young adult was leaving home. The young adult started leaving home for many reason, such as pursuing study, working or get married. Then go to next stage that is being the new couple. This is the time when the young adult learns on their parents’ role and responsibility. After that, the couples transform to families with young children. This could be the climax or conflict stages for a new family when both of them have to take care of their parents and also child. A next stage is, the families living with adolescent. After the adolescent growing up, the families launching and their children moving on from the house and the final stages in family life cycle is families in later life. It is the time for people mostly worried. .

Here, I will explain and briefly stated the characteristic, environment, feeling and situation when people reach each stages and how to manage the emotional feeling , cognitive and behaviorism in good manner to take care of family relationship and heart bound.



In this stage, the child must have much energy, high motivation, acquire varities skill and experiences to make friends, adapt with work environment and also deal with people. There had three obstacles and challenges at this stages : 1. The feeling of living separateness from original home (nest)

This feeling would lead the children based on parents guidance and teaching since they were young. The control and autonomy parent will bring up the...
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