To the Young Women of Malolos

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Kaye Bernadette L. Laqui

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To The Women of Malolos

By: Jose Rizal

Rizal was very impressed to the fighting spirit of the young women of Malolos had shown. In this letter of Rizal, it is obvious that his ultimate desire is to have women the same opportunity men received in terms of education. During those days young girls was not sent to school because of the universal notion that they would soon be only taken as wives and stay only at home with the children. But Rizal emphasizes on freedom of thought and right for education that both girls and boys should have.

He had also shown to this letter all about that Spaniards friars. He cited, “God gave each individual reason and a will of his or her own to distinguish the just from the unjust; all were born without shackles and free, and nobody has a right to subjugate the will and the spirit of another.” We are all born equal, naked and without bonds. God did not create man to be a slave of others. A man who does not think for himself and allowed him to be guided by the thought of another is like the beast led by a halter. God give us intelligence that we may use against this slavery of others. We must be dignified, have faith on him and work together as one.

In this letter he emphasizes different points. One is that Filipino mothers should teach her children love of God, country and fellowmen. Filipino mothers should be glad and honored, like Spartan mothers, to offer their sons in defense of their country. Filipino women should know how to protect their dignity and honor. They should educate themselves aside from retaining their good racial values. Faith is not merely reciting prayers and wearing religious pictures. It is living the real Christian way with good morals and manners.

In recent times, it seems that these qualities are gradually lost in the way Filipino women conduct themselves.  There are oftentimes moments where mothers forget their roles in rearing...
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