The Fastest Growing Careers

Topics: 21st century, Interpersonal relationship, Master's degree Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: April 11, 2007
where will the jobs of the future be?many students who are not certain about their career path may be asking this question.if you already know what field you want to work in,you might want to stick to your plan.however,if you are one of the many students who are still confused about which career to pursue,here are the jobs that will have the most growth in the number of people employed over the next decade. the highest percentage of growth will be among computer scientists,computer engineers,computer support specialists, and systems analysts.these are the best career opportunities for people with a bachelors or masters degree in engineering or science.on the average,these occupational categories will grow by 106 percent.personality types most suitable for these professions are those that are investigative in nature. these occupations often involve working with ideas and require a lot of time thinking. they require people to search for fact and figure out problems. the second highest percentage of growth will take place among database administrators and desktop publishing specialists.these are highly desirable and attractive career options for people with a bachelors or masters in business addition,people who find these professions very rewarding .the average growth rate in these occupational categories in the next ten years will be 75 percent. the third highest growth rate will be among personal care home health aides and human service workers with associates degrees (two year degrees).as the united states population continues to grow older over the next decade,this field will increase by 55 percent. within these groups,the highest paid jobs for people with an associates degreewill be respiratory therapists,cardiovascular technologists, and nuclear medicine technologists,with average growth rates of around 31 percent.for each of these jobs,employers expect...
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