the expression of self consciousness in 'the introduction' by kamala das

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Kamala Das (1934-2009) was one of the most distinctive and original of Indian poets writing in English .Das‘ poetry reveals her concern for woman and search for genuine love. She looks into a woman‘s consciousness and places two aspects before her readers: ―First, the relationship of man and woman the second, the woman‘s quest for true love.her poetry is rooted in her own personal experiences. When Kamala Das  sets out to (consciously or unconsciously) bring out the voice of the women in general, she instead of using  the inclusive pronoun ‘we’ uses the singular ‘I’ which makes her attempt weak in the sense that instead of talking about or for everybody she talks about her personal experience. However, her experience can be regarded as a signifier of the experience of all women.. Kamala Das, one of the prominent Indian writers of the 1960s writing in English, is a woman author who has attained worldwide recognition. She draws her main inspiration of writing from her hatred of the chauvinistic attitude of men toward women in the traditional Indian Society. She shows the reality which is happening in day-to-day man-woman relationship of Indian society. She craves for love, companionship and understanding. She expresses these feelings without any inhibitions. Her poems are the image of her life. She is a serious woman writer who has deep concerns in the description of Indian women in literature. Her poetry is strong reactions to patriarchal value-system and justifications for the needs of women to be living beings. She reveals rebellious dimensions in her poetry. In other words, her poems are ponderings upon the unfortunate state of women in a male dominated society. Among the Indian English poets of her generation, male or female, she has maintained the shortest interval between emotion and expression. Her tone is always exact and 4rhythm of her lines is strictly under her control although it does not follow any given convention. Kamala Das’s poem...

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