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patriarchal society.  From afar, our nation is known as the “land of the free”; however, when taking a microscopic view into our relationships with one another it is evident that there is something wrong.  In Allan G. Johnson’s Patriarchy he introduces the term patriarchy as a “male-dominated, male-identified, and male-centered society” (153).  It is the most powerful force in history, and it has been operating since the beginning of the human race to modern day.  From the signing of the Declaration...

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Patriarchy and the System

Patriarchy and the System Patriarchy is a society system that large than oneself, which means not just about a person’s idea or one’s life. It is something larger than that. It tends to be organized around specific kinds of social idea and relationship. And restrictions on the establishment of regular, while the social relations of what is supposed to happen a common understanding of what is allowed and what is the expected behavior of individuals within the system. Race, sex, race, age, class...

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Caste and Patriarchy

Priyanka Sisodiya Write a brief essay on the interaction between caste and patriarchy in India. A khap panchayat in Haryana ‘declares’ that mobilization of women(of a particular age gap) should be monitored(in reality restricted). Marriage by choice or outside one’s caste or inside one’s gotra is forbidden and those who challenge it, become a story in themselves. Young girls(at few incidents boys too) fall prey to moral policing. A high court judge asks the ‘wives’ to learn to adjust. In spite...

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Patriarchy in Pakistan

Patriarchy in Pakistan Pakistan belongs to a part of the world where a woman's status can be measured by indicators such as sex ratio, literacy levels, economic activity, labor-force participation, and women in government. The Constitution of Pakistan gives equal rights to both men and women. However in reality men have manipulated women to become more powerful than women. Men hold most top end positions in government while women rarely appear in positions of power. According to the "UN Statistics...

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Patriarchy in Society

Patriarchal society and its effect on language and literature. Patriarchy as an ideology: Pam Morris, in her book Literature and feminism has defined ideology in two ways. The first is that ‘ideology’ is a consciously held system of beliefs which people knowingly choose or reject, like a religion. The second definition says that an ideology is used to refer to the way we perceive reality. The second term rests on the assumption that as we enter society, we absorb and assume its perceptions...

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Patriarchy in America

Education for a Change Patriarchy can be roughly defined as a system of oppression in which males are the primary authorities in society. Historically, patriarchy has been the norm in almost every culture in the world. According to Philip Cohen, a professor at the University of Maryland and the writer of America Is Still a Patriarchy, every country expect Rwanda has a majority of male parliament, despite the handful of countries...

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Feminism & Patriarchy

are called Patriarchal Societies. The women¡¦s rights movement brought with it new ideas about patriarchy. Feminist thinkers believed that patriarchy signified the cultural and social domination of women by men. Feminist thinkers in the United States questioned why sexual inequality persisted even after women had won the right to vote and had achieved legal equity. They also debated whether or not patriarchy is universal to all societies throughout history . Even in present-day leadership, women more...

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Patriarchy in Romeo and Juliet

innocent girl portrayed in her opening scene has now been tainted by experience, passion, and deceitfulness; Juliet's character begins to acquire new traits that allow her to mature, attain new knowledge, and escape the restrictive boundaries of patriarchy and courtly love. Juliet physically confronts her father's judgment in act three scene five when she refuses his command to marry Paris. Not wanting to commit adultery, Juliet politely attempts to reject the marriage proposal, but it does not...

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Tambu’s and Nyasha’s Reaction to the Patriarchy in Nervous Conditions

her situation; however, this essay focuses on two characters-Tambu and Nyasha whose response to the male power is very different. While Tambu escapes from the environment of inequality in order to seek her liberation, Nyasha chooses to resist the patriarchy but her rebellion against her father ends up tragically as she suffers from the nervous conditions. The theme of female struggle against male dominancy is presented throughout the novel and the narrator, Tambu, categorizes the women right at the...

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Outline and assess the view that patriarchy is the main cause of gender inequality. 40 marks

This view is held by Radical feminists, they believe that patriarchy is society is the reason that women are oppressed and exploited by men, and Marxists for example hold the view that the capitalist system is the reason for the gender inequality. Feminists believe that women are unequal to men, and as a result society benefits men whilst exploiting men. Feminist investigate the effects that this inequality has on women’s power, status, roles and life chances. They believe that gender inequality...

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