The Effects of Video Games

Topics: Game, Video game, Causality Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Deshawn Patterson
Instructor: Jim Cooper
English 101
Video games effects on social life
Many people have always been looking for some type of entertainment, and it has been through many forms, from playing with toys, to playing cards, to playing sports, and etc. However, nowadays with so much access to technology and everything that it offers. Various entertainments are way more exciting and sophisticated. Among the new electronic inventions, the 21th century has revealed video games, a new exhilaration creating a virtual word on computers, on TV and different platforms like smartphones. Which can be very useful in a dull, vague or boring situation. Video games have turned to be an amazing source of entertainment because of their diversity, their innovation, and their capacity to be so close to the reality. It has been shown that video games were developing skills for gamers and were a great social instrument. Nevertheless, videogames have always been a subject of controversy and seen by a lot of people/parents as dangerous and a bad influence, causing addiction, bad behaviors, or even violence, which is true! However there are many Positive effects as well. In this essay I will explain the causes and effects of video games on an individual such as myself; and how I tend to abuse good things without moderation. I state many opinions that embrace new technologies and see it as a great social instrument; But overall explaining how playing Video games can create and cause some positive and negative effects on my lifestyle. The usefulness of good things has always been a problem for me, causing me to drift and abuse certain things, which is becoming a self-disciplinary problem, not to mention creating addictions. An addiction can be defined by a physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance. And that substance for me is playing video games, so in other words playing video games gives me the comfort and excitement that I need. But...
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