the effects of divorce on children and adolescents

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The effects of Divorce on Children and adolescents

Divorce or the parent separation is a major life change for the children and can

lead to dreadful consequences. Divorce affects children and adolescents

negatively, from different aspects resulting from the change in their family and

the multiple stressors that they are facing.

The Psychological, educational, emotional and social effects of divorce can be

really devastating for both parent and children. Children and adolescents have

different ways of dealing with divorce, which reveal their emotions and feelings

towards their parent separation.

Divorce has a negative effect on the psychological and emotional aspect.

Children and adolescents are emotionally crushed by these new changes in their

lives and the stress is to much for them to bear. Foulks-Jamison (2001) reports

that children from age 6-12 are most likely to blame themselves for their parents

separation, they also try to reconcile them, they mostly take one parent side

against the other parent. This happens mostly resulting form the anger that they

have from the separation.

Adjusting their after divorce life is quite the challenge for both parents and

children. children and adolescents have a hard time in coping with both parents .

Foulkes-Jamison (2001) states “ A child’s relationship with his or her

Parents following a divorce is critical to the child’s adjustment”. Furthermore

child’s adjustment to the divorce situation takes from 6-24 months. The change

in the living adjustment make children feel different, because they lived in one

house as a family and all of sudden one of their parents is not their which makes

them feel betrayed and left which may have a long term effect on them.

O’Connell Corcoran (1997) reports that adolescent’s have a tough time handling

parents separation, for boys they tend to be more aggressive and intractable and

in some cases they tend to smoke, do drugs and

Alcohol. As for girls they become sexually active at an early age and tend to

withdraw from their responsibility. Fegan (1999), Foulkes- Jamison and

Hansen(2013) concur with this specification. They also tend blame their parents

fort their condition. There is considerable data from an (2013) article about

(children of divorce) which supports that adolescents have a very hard time

dealing with their parents and establishing a close relationship with them

especially when one of them remarry. they also have a difficulties in adjusting to

the new change in their lives especially when the conflict between the parents is

still there. Moutria (2014) agrees with this specification. They rarely emote

because of the anger, betrayal and mistrust they feel towards their parents.

Hansen(2013) and Fegan (1999) claim that there are long term consequences,

such as problems with their own relationships and difficulty of coping with new

situations. Children from divorce families have a higher rate of separation which

is a long term affect that may occur in divorce cases.

Divorce also has a negative effect on the educational and the behavior aspect

for adolescents and children. Adolescents and children are most likely to get a

very poor results or drop out of school , Kirsten Moutria (2013) “A study of 3,500

children revealed that those whose parents had gotten divorced , had lower

scores” . Children don’t do well at school and receive lower marks in their

classes. Jessica St. Clair states “According to the National Survey of Children,

15% of children living with their mothers were booted out of school,

overall, 13% of the children had dropped out of school.” this is a natural reaction

for children and teenagers with divorced parents, it’s a part of their adjustment

process to the new situation. Some of them do well at...
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