Practical Compromise During Divorce

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Practical Compromise During Divorce
Brandi Frost
July 20,2015
Paula Alvarez

The unexpected transition period of divorce requires an effort of compromise from both sides, especially when children are present in the relationship. Divorce often demands parents to restructure their lives in a way that allows both the mother and father to continue to have a relationship with the child (McGoldrick, Carter & Garcia-Preto, 2011). The transition process of divorce can be made easier on children by maintaining as much consistency as possible, which also includes allowing them to keep relationships with extended family members and family friends, even if they are related to the former spouse. Human service professionals working with divorced families should be prepared to encounter a wide variety of emotions and conflicts (McGoldrick, Carter & Garcia-Preto, 2011). Parents and children often experience a sense of loss, guilt, anger, and resentment. It is also important for professionals working with families to understand the legal and economic impacts that can occur. The goal of working with divorced families is to help the family transition from a nuclear to binuclear family, minimize the negative effects on children, and help the parents process the divorce in a healthy way (McGoldrick, Carter & Garcia-Preto, 2011). Clinicians can help families during divorce by providing useful information, teaching healthy conflict resolution techniques, and encouraging compromise by putting the children’s best interest first.   Common issues that divorced couples argue about are related to who will get custody of the children, where the children will live and go to school, and the amount of child support that will be paid. Although it is beneficial for the children to maintain relationship with extended family members, this can become difficult if family and friends begin taking sides with their biological family member. This can have a...
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