The Effects of Advertising on Consumers Buyer Decision

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PRESENTED BY: Roselyne Mungai.

Development of a filling station software.
The world is changing rapidly and with the emergence of technology The gas stations system is software that illustrates the kinds of changes that we need to embrace to work on efficiency, conveniences and fast services when it comes to gas/fueling stations. And with the increase in automobile ownership all over the world there is a higher demand for filling stations which are fast in their operations and which meet the costumers’ needs fast and conveniently. This system is about filling a need for vehicle filling stations because of its limited area and environmentally conscious community also due to its pocket friendly services the current system has had a problem of managing its records as well as the load of paperwork which is prone to inconsistency and redundancy historically this town has supported services stations .its goal is to create an efficient filling station. The main objective of this system is to replace the current system with a new one that is more advanced in terms of technology and performance in that it has many advantages apart from performing the tasks it is supposed to carryout. The system is designed to be a minimum service system in that there is an attendant operating the pumping machine while there is another member of staff who will be inputting the amount of litres that a customer purchases in the system. The new system will help in the following areas: -

❖ calculate the amount of litres sold in a day
❖ Determine which type of fuel is sold and for how much. ❖ Record all the gas sales in a day.
❖ Calculate the amount of change expected from the amount paid.


The main objective is to replace the current system with a new one that is more advanced in terms of technology and performance in that it has many advantages apart from performing the tasks it is supposed to carryout. I being the developer one of the main aims of developing this system is to acquire all the skills required to implement in the real world. In the process of developing the system i aim at achieving the following skills and objectives

Academic objectives.

i. Acquire and demonstrate programming skills have gone through during the course. ii. come up with a system that is going to show creativity and come up with an idea that maybe needed in the real world and one that can help solve various problems that are encountered on a regular basis. iii. During the system development process the I will be able to acquire very necessary aspects that can be used in the corporate world. I.e. if i manage to go through all the steps that System developers out there follow in coming up with a new system. iv. By coming up with this project i aim at attaining skills that will reflect my ability to tackle a selected problem and to present the findings in a project report.

Personal Objectives.
This are some of the several personal objectives that I being the developer targeted

➢ System development skills: - By coming up with this system the developer is able to gain a lot of skills that can be used to handle all kinds of pressures and complications that arise all through the development process. ➢ The developers’ main aim was coming up with a systems idea that is unique and one that can relate to the real world and help come with a solution to such a problem. ➢ The developer is able to understand the importance of team work in the development. BUSINESS OBJECTIVES

➢ I aim at designing an...
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