Evaluation of Impact of Advertisement in Awareness and Demand of the Commodity Product

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The research is on the basis of A STUDY ON “Evaluation Of Impact Of Advertisement In Awareness And Demand Of The Commodity Product” in ASAHI INDIA GLASS LTD. Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is the largest integrated glass company in India, manufacturing a wide range of international quality automotive safety glass, float glass, architectural processed glass and glass products.AIS is jointly promoted by the Labroo family; Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., Japan and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. AIS have the following three Strategic Business Units (SBUs):

* Automotive Glass Unit – AIS Auto Glass
* Float Glass Unit – AIS Float Glass
* AIS Glass Solutions Ltd – AIS Glass Solutions .

The Indian Glass Industry is still at nascent stage and it is rapidly developing. The glass industry is very organized. The business environment is getting more competitive by the entry of new players beside the three major companies as Saint Gobain, AIS and Modiguard.

Problem statement
The impact of advertisement on the demand of commodity product specifically Glass is to find out. India is the only country where glass as commodity product is being advertised on TV. But their effectiveness in impacting consumers mind for using more glass is not clear. How the ad affects the market share and perception of the glass in the mind of consumers is to be figured out Scope of the Study

The study will be conducted in India with limited scope of A and B class cities where 80%(building material) commodities are sold. Primary focus of the study will be on Glass. The most of the survey is limited to Mumbai and nearby city around it.  Literature survey

This is the most researched topic and various methods were adopted to check the effectiveness of advertising by different researchers. But that previous research has not specifically measured the impacts of advertising and brand value, and their joint effect, on firm performance for the glass kind of commodity product. We could not find the study which talks the likeable attributes in commodity products like glass. What exactly customers are looking for in a glass? By examining the effects of advertising and brand value, our work contributes to the existing literature. The Research Problem

The research problem is to find out the impact of advertisement on demand of commodity product specifically glass. Research Objective
 Based on the problem statement, the research objectives are: * To find out whether consumers are really involved in Glass buying decision if yes then to what extent? * To find out, Are consumers really aware of any Glass or cement Co, brand or Glass products? * To find out Does advertising has any impact in the minds of consumers? * Can the advertising be measured or connected with a equation to the top and bottom line of the company * Research is going to be descriptive as well as applied in order to achieve the desired objectives. The null hypothesis and the research hypothesis has been developed keeping assumption that the research will be specifically for the commodity product glass and keeping all the factors affecting the glass busying constant other than advertisements. The null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis is prepared to prove the research objectives. After the research study we should be able to judge the above hypothesis by accepting or rejecting it. The result will tell us about the effectiveness of the advertisements on glass (commodity product) and should also explain the awareness on the different glass brands. The Research Design

Research is going to be descriptive as well as applied in order to achieve the desired objectives. Most of the objectives will be derived from the primary data after the survey. Focus group, stratified sampling technique in A and B class cities particularly Mumbai and its nearby cities will be surveyed. Research approach

In this study, both sample survey and statistical approaches will...
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