Systems Development Life Cycle SDLC Systems

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Systems Development Life Cycle

SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) is the process of creating or modifying existing systems and the models and methodologies that are used in the process. In the fields of software engineering and information systems, SDLC denotes a framework of methodologies aimed at the creation of an information/software system, i.e. the software development process.

SDLC covers many activities across well defined phases. These include questioning why the information system needs to be built, to charting feasibility factors, analyzing issues that are expected to crop up, zeroing in on a certain design and architecture for the system, developing the system, implementing and testing it, and delivering it to the target customer. Each of these activities is carried out in an orderly manner in a set of well defined developmental phases. This is why SDLC is referred to as a process of gradual refinement. That is, each phase takes over where the previous phase left off, and refines what was done before. The most common development phases in SDLC are: Planning

In this phase, “Why does this system need to be built?” is asked and answered appropriately. The system’s requirements are clearly defined and a thorough feasibility study is done from various perspectives including technical, financial, and organizational.


This phase involves problem identification and solution analysis. Efforts are made to predict the problems that the developers might face while creating the system. The end-deliverables of this phase determines the method of system creation and provide guidance to the developer.


Analysis results in decisions regarding system design, which determines the system operation in terms of the process, data, hardware requirements, network infrastructure needs, user interface, etc.


This is the phase when the actual development happens. The system is built, tested for defects that are...
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