The Effect of Enzymes on Apple Juice Production
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The Effect of Enzymes on Apple Juice Production

Period 6

Background Info The purpose of this experiment was to determine which enzyme or the combination of the two enzymes makes the most apple juice from applesauce. We did his by, mixing 10 drops of an enzyme (cellulose/pectinase/both) into a few tablespoons of applesauce. We then left the rest to nature, and watched the liquid funnel out for 10 minutes. Lastly, we recorded our data. The cell wall is a complicated structure containing both cellulose and pectin. Pectin is found in the cell walls of plants and is also specifically found concentrated near the skin and core of fruit. It is what keeps the fruit together and prevents it from getting mushy. Cellulose is an organic compound also found in the structure of plant cells, in the outer cell wall. It is basically the structure of the cell wall. An enzyme is a biological catalyst meaning it speeds up chemical reactions in living things. Enzymes are made from amino acids and are proteins. The purpose of speeding up chemical reactions is that the cell is able to build things and take things apart quickly and efficiently. All the work carried out in a cell is carried out by enzymes. However if an enzyme is introduced to the wrong temperature, pH, or concentration, they denature, and are no longer usable. Different enzymes break down and build different things. It all depends on the shape of the enzyme. The common term for the way enzymes work is the Lock and Key model. The Lock and Key model compares enzymes and its substrate to a lock and a key. A substrate is the biological molecule that the enzymes work on. During this process, the enzyme grabs or "locks" on to the substrate at a special area called the active site. The active site is very specially shaped and only will work on substrates that match. Once everything is all set in place, the enzyme breaks down the substrate or combines it with something else to make something

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