The Effect of Different Temperatures on the Growth Rate of Crystals

Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: May 28, 2014
The purpose of this experiment was to see if different temperatures affect the growth rate of crystals

The information gained from this experiment can help society by showing different temperatures can affect the growth rate of different types of matter; also it may help computer chip manufacturers, as there are crystals in computer chips.

Temperature affects the way crystals grow through molecule movement. Higher the temperature, warmer the crystal solution, faster the molecule movement. In which case, the crystal growth will increase.

The shape of a crystal is determined by the molecular structure of the chemical compound. Every crystal that forms for each type of chemical is identical in every way, except its size. For example, salt crystals are always cube-shaped, while every snow crystal has six sides. Despite the hundreds of chemicals that form crystals, they only form seven different shapes. However, the size of a crystal is directly affected by temperature. Aim: ~to determine the effect of temperature on copper sulphate crystals and their growth Hypothesis: ~ the crystals will grow better when they are in room temperature. Dependent variable: ~ the size of the crystals.

Independent variable: ~ the temperature.
Controlled variable: ~ ml’s of copper sulphate per dish, the same dishes, the volume and concentration.

Method: ~
1. Set up 12 watch glasses with 20ml of copper sulphate (wet) solution in each. 2. Place 4 of the dishes in a fridge...
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