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Topics: Precipitation, Earth, Igneous rock Pages: 9 (2660 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Complete List of Terms and Definitions for Science Mid-Term Terms Definitions
Meteorology is the study of atmospheric phenomena True
Weather is the current state of the lithosphere False
Long-term variations in weather for a particular area make up the climate of the area True The tropics are hotter than the poles because the sun strikes this area of the Earth indirectly False To people living near the Atlantic Ocean, tropical cyclones are known as hurricanes True Tropical cyclones are large, rotating, high pressure storms False Tropical cyclones originate over warm waters of most tropical oceans True Hurricanes are classified according to the fajita scale False The minimum wind speed for Category 1 hurricane is 74 mph (120 kph) True The eye of a hurricane is surrounded by a band of strong winds called the current eye False Hurricane winds can drive a mound of water toward the coast, where it washes over land.This is called a storm surge True Minerals can form from the cooling of magma True

Density differences can force magma upward into cooler layers of Earth's interior True If magma cools slowly, atoms do not have time to arrange themselves into larger crystals False Small crystals form rapidly cooling magma True

When liquid evaporrates from a soluation, the remaining elements cannot form crystals False Minerals can form elements dissolved in a solution True
If a solution remains unsaturated, mineral crystals may precipitate False Magma is often a slushy mix of molten rock, gases, and minerals crystals True The elements found in magma are quite different from those found in Earth's crust False Silica is the most abundant command found in magma True

Magmas are classified as basalt, andesitic, or rhyolitie True In the laboratory, rocks must be heated from 8000 C to 12,000 C before they melt False Heat in the upper mantle and lower crust may come, in part from the decay of radioactive elements True Air is denser near the Earth's surface than high in the atmosphere True Particles of air in the atmosphere exert pressure on Earth's surface True Air pressure is greater in the atmosphere exert pressure on the atmosphere False In the troposphere, as air temperate increases, generally air pressure increases, too True Wind is the movement of air from an area of low pressure to an area of high pressure False As you move upward from Earth's surface,winds speeds increases because the air meets with less friction from the Earth's surface True An isotherm is a line that connects points of equal or constant temperatures True Lines of equal pressure are called isobars True

Isobars that are far apart indicate a small difference in pressure and light woods True Contour lined are lines of equal temperature False
Isotherms are used to identify temperature gradients and, consequently, frontal systems True Identification tests for minerals are based on their Physical and chemical properties The appearance of milky quartz is caused by trapped bubbles of gas and liquid A mineral's hardness with respect to other minerals can be determined by the Mohs scale of mineral hardness Minerals break along planes where atomic bonds are Weak

Minerals, such as quartz, that break along jagged edges are said to have fracture The ratio of weight of an equal volume of water at 4 C is its Specific Gravity In double refraction,light is bent in two directions

Which minerals bubbles when it comes in contact with hydrochloric acid Calcite Lodestone can pick up iron fillings. What special property does lodestone have Magnetism Which is the following is one of the most durable igneous rocks Interlocking grains textures Which of the following is one of the most durable igneous rocks Granite Igneous rock tend to be resistant to weathering

Igneous intrusions often are associated with valuable Ore deposits Ore deposits suck as gold sometimes are found as Vein
Metal-rich quartz veins are found at the end of...
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