The Differences Between the Lifestyle of the Vietnamese Youth and Their Parents

Topics: Sociology, Developing country, Human Development Index Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Name: Ngoc Phuong Vy Nguye
Student ID:2432855
THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE LIFESTYLE OF THE VIETNAMESE YOUTH AND THEIR PARENTS Vietnam is one the Southeastern Asian countries where the relationship between the young people and their parents play an important role in the culture and society. Because of this, Vietnamese young people frequently trend to learn and follow their parents ‘experience. However, everything has changed following the period time. In the past, the parents frequently taught and required their children to keep and follow the lifestyle of family. They could not have their own voice in their family if they were staying in their family. As a result to this, they established their attitude and behavior based on the background of their family. In other words, if their parents were doctors or teachers, they would be trained to be the same in their future. The reason why in the past, the young people’s lifestyle were imitated their parents is because the family ties or social phenomenon at that time did not allow the young people to create their own conceptions of the lifestyle. Nowadays, when the global media is developing in Vietnam such as social network on the internet, television or newspapers which bring Vietnamese youth to the international trend, the differences between the lifestyles of young people and their parents is gradually occurring. The current lifestyle of Vietnamese young people has totally changed towards in the past. They are enterprising whatever they believe that it is right. A key contributing factor in this regard is that today they are sharing their own experience of their lifestyle and get knowledge from the others by the media technologies. For example, Facebook is considered as a social page online for everyone who wants to share their thinking each other. Therefore, the Vietnamese youth incline to speak more and listen less from their parents. They try to represent their thinking in front of their parents by their...
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