The Definition of Heroism

Topics: Major League Baseball, National League, Baseball, Jackie Robinson / Pages: 3 (562 words) / Published: Nov 29th, 2005
Heroism is difficult to define. The definition varies from person to person. There are some things which are universal in Heroism. For example heroism always deals with some kind of courage or bravery. Heroism doesn't always require a dangerous situation. Heroism is acting courageous in a situation where the odds are heavily against you. Examples of heroism are the firefighters and police officers who risk their lives everyday for our safety. Everyday police officers do various things which help our society. They stop gang violence, prevent thefts; deal with domestic situation, along with many other brave acts. Firefighters have to deal with burning buildings where there are many obstacles and temperature is very high. Both groups had their biggest tests during September 11th, 2001. When both towers fell on that horrible day; the NYPD and FDNY worked together to try to rescue as many lives as they could even if meant risking their own. When everybody was running out of the buildings the police officers were running back in. Unfortunately many police officers and firefighters lives were taken for their courageous act. From that day the general public had a new found respect for police officers and firefighters. From that day they will be remembered as heroes. Another example of heroism is Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the major leagues. When Jackie Robinson joined major league baseball there were separate schools for blacks and whites, separate restaurants, separate hotels, separate drinking fountains and separate baseball leagues. Life wasn't easy to black people who tried to bring those worlds together. Jackie had a lot of obstacles during his major league career. During his career his teammates tried to petition to keep him off the ball club. Pitchers tried intentionally hitting him while he was up at bat. Base runners tried digging their spikes into his shin. Fans would scream out to him to carry their bags and

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