Ancient Greek Heroism

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The title, hero or heroine, in ancient Greece was not easy to acquire. There are certain aspects and requirements that must have been met in one’s life to be deemed a hero in Greek culture.
The Oxford English Dictionary Online defines heroism as "the action and qualities of a hero; exalted courage, intrepidity or boldness; heroic conduct" and a hero as "the name given to men of superhuman strength, courage, or ability, favoured by the gods and men, and immortal." Buxton (2004: 103) stated that according to the ancient Greeks, heroes were "a class of exceptional mortals whose deeds and sufferings marked them out as especially memorable."
One of the suggested requirements to be titled a hero is that one should have at least one godly parent,
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Quests usually required the hero to retrieve something valuable, for example Perseus who had to find a sickle, pouch, sandals and the invincibility cap. Combat usually entails fighting a vicious monster or a person with a high stature and great power, for example Herakles who fought the immortal monster, with nine or fifty heads, Hydra.
The last requirement and the two ways in which a hero could prove he deserves the title as hero tells us that honour played a great role in the ancient Greek culture. The heroes also had their own code honour, which was to reclaim ones honour when it was taken.
Greek here cults were created because of heroes. The Greeks worshipped the heroes when they died and lived a life worth remembering. For example, Herakles was worshipped as the ‘Averter of Evil.’ The heroes were worshipped in a similar way as the god, through sacrifices and food
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The last role the heroes played on the ancient Greek mythology was that the people used their supposed ancestry to a hero to claim land.

In conclusion, there are certain aspects and requirements needed to be seen as a hero in the ancient Greek times. This also tells us a lot about ancient Greek culture and the role of

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