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Topics: Race, Barack Obama, African American, Black people, American Civil War, Democratic Party / Pages: 1 (307 words) / Published: Mar 1st, 2015
Dagmawi Eshete
Why I’m Black, Not African American & Black vs. “Black
The article “Why I’m Black, Not African American”, written by John H. McWhorter, is about the difference between the terms, now used by many, “African American” and “Black”. The author is arguing that people from an African dissent should be called “Black” because it carries remembrance and pride through the sound. He explains that “African American” is a term used too much and isn’t a proper way to explain the struggle, hardship, and slavery our ancestors went through. Personally, I prefer the term “African American” because that’s what I’ve been using and been identified as since moving to America a decade ago. I always thought that the term “Black” was used for the people that were born here and being called “African American” also tells people that you weren’t born in America, which is why I prefer “African American”. Some people including some of my friends that were born in Africa but came to the US when they were little prefer to be called “Black” because they are ashamed to be called African. In the article “Our Biracial President” the author James Hannaham is trying to explain that the color of someone’s skin doesn’t determine who they are. Instead it just points to their cultural background. I agree with the author because if everyone didn’t care about each other’s skin color there wouldn’t be wars or gaps between everyone. But instead people are divided by race and skin color. Having a president that is biracial isn’t going to affect the county’s economy. Just because Obama is half black doesn’t mean that he’s not smart or as Hannaham says it doesn’t mean he’s going to have diamond grills that read “PREZ”. These stereotypes need to stop because they are ruining the way people interact with each other.

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