The Climb

Topics: Climbing, Rock climbing / Pages: 6 (1372 words) / Published: Jun 22nd, 2013
David Arguello
ENC 1101 Informative Essay
The Climb Did you ever climb trees as a child? If so, then you might enjoy the exhilaration of the X-treme rock climbing gym. Rock climbing in Miami? Located in 13972 S.W. 139 Ct. Miami, FL. 33186, in the warehouses behind the Lexus dealership, is the only rock climbing gym in South Florida. You most probably already have a membership to another gym, like L.A fitness or 24 hour fitness, but how often do you find yourself going? After just your first visit to X-treme rock climbing gym, you will be begging to go back for another vigorous workout. Why? X-treme rock climbing gym provides a fitness environment that brings enjoyment to all climbers.
Turning right on 137th avenue, passing the Lexus dealership, and left at the first stop sign, I begin to smile. As I approach closer and closer to X-treme gym my heart begins to beat faster, like it’s trying to pounce out of my chest. Finally I’ve arrived. I open the lime green door to the ware house where the gym is located and the crisp smell of chalk rushes through my nasal passage and fills my lungs with determination and excitement. Quickly scanning my member card and forcing my size 6 shoes onto my size 9 feet (The smaller the shoes the more arc your foot bends to, and ease gripping smaller rocks). After a quick stretch, I carefully spread white chalk on my hands until they are all powdery white, and I chalk my open blisters twice. Pain pierces my blisters, as well as my toes as they fall asleep from the clasping hold my shoes have. I glare into the light blue oval rock that has defeated me so many times in completing the Tangerine tape route. I start the route, using impeccable technique in the beginning and swiftly climbing half way up the 50 degree slant wall. It was time. The move that caused me to fall 8 feet down onto the extra comfort crash pad was the one thing that stopped me from completing my 5.11c route. I feel my hands starting to sweat my knees buckling

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