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The Fall...

By Anzula Sep 21, 2013 387 Words
The fall of the House of Usher
The story begins with the narrator riding a horse towards the house of his friend Rodrick Usher, who has sent him a letter asking for his company because of his several illnesses. As he is getting close to the house, he takes an overview of it and noticed it is gloomy. Once he is inside, he realizes that there is not much light. Next, Usher appears and receives his friend with an exaggerated hug ,and starts talking about his several illnesses that threatened him and his sister Madeline. Soon after the narrator has arrived, Madeline is confined to bed. Over the next days, the narrator tries to cheer up his friend by painting and reading, and listening to Rodrick´s rhapsodies, but all his attempts are in vain. One evening, Rodrick informs to the narrator that his sister has died, and that he will preserve her remains in a vault for two weeks in order to prevent curious physicians to examine her corpse due to her strange illness, and they do so. A week has passed, but it seems that Rodrick is getting worse, his complexion became paler and he seems more nervous than usual. A storm begins and the narrator starts hearing some noises without knowing where they come from. Rodrick nervously goes to his friend´s room and he is sitted in a chair. The narrator starts reading ¨The Mad Trist¨ to comfort him. Meanwhile Rodrick is listening carefully the story, his friend starts hearing the same sounds that the book describes, and asks Rodrick if he hears the same as him. Rodrick tells him that he has being hearing that noises since a week, and he knew they came from the vault and that it is was his sister, but he dared not speak. Suddenly, a rushing gust opens the door and there stands Madeline with her own blood on her clothes. She approaches to Rodrick and falls upon him, who by this moment seems to have died because of the impact of watching his sister. They both seem to be dead. The narrator runs away from the mansion, but during his escape he sees a wild light, he turns, and see how the Usher´s house sink into the dark, dank pool that lies before it.

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