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Topics: John Wyndham, Demonstration, Sacrifice Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: June 5, 2011
In The Chrysalids, John Wyndham creates a nightmare society in which the citizens are driven to obey cruel laws out of fear and punishment by man or by god. Because of the cruelty of their laws and their religion, the people become selfish and hateful towards each other. We are surprised when we are introduced to young people like the Waknuk telepaths, for as they mature, they demonstate qualities of loyalty, compassion and self sacrifice. The mystery of it is that the people of Waknuk were taught to believe that acceptance of a unique or different individual is absolutely immoral. If even the group of telepaths were brought up in such a harsh society, how is it that they manage to demonstrate the characteristics that it takes to be a thoughtful and caring person? Perhaps we should consider that all their lives, they have had to live with the brutal reality of trying to accept themselves. They have had to become accustomed to their deviations while knowing that they would be hated, sterilized and banished should anyone ever find out. Maybe the telepaths’ sensitivity level has increased due to the life they have had to endure. Perhaps it’s because they have the capability and power to read each other’s feelings, minds, and souls as to how they are feeling and what they are thinking. They have the ability to have feelings with each other without having to show them to the people around them who do not posess the same powers. All of the telepaths are priviledged to have amazing qualities such as loyalty, compassion and self sacrifice.

Loyalty is a rare quality in Waknuk yet most of the telepaths are loyal to each other. David’s commitment to his friend Sophie is commendable and without a doubt demonstrates true friendship. Even though David has not seen Sophie in years, after they are reunited in the Fringes, he still proves to her that he cares very much about her and that time apart does not mean that an old friendship doesn’t last. QUOTE AND EXPLAIN. When Anne...
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