A Few Answers for Chrysalids

Topics: Telepathy, Badlands, David Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: June 14, 2011
The Chrysalids Questions
Chapters 1-4
1. Joseph Strorm was a man of local consequence. What does he do, besides farming, that makes him so important? Joseph Strorm is one who devotes much of his time maintaining religious laws and developing a strong community. He is a significant contributor towards religious efforts, for he preaches on Sundays and ensures that every Offence and Blasphemy in his community are dealt with. 2. What evidences does the author give that reveal Joseph Strorm is a man to be feared? When Joseph Strorm hears his son David make a reference to having a third arm, he strictly reprimands him in public. This depicts Joseph as a man who is so strongly devoted to his religious calling, that he would visit shame on his own family members should they even speak of that which is forbidden. 3. Why does Uncle Axel warn David about his gift?

After Uncle Axel learns of David's telepathic abilities, he becomes concerned. For although David is young and may not be attentive, Uncle Axel knows he can get into much trouble if he is observed doing strange things, such as talking to himself when communicating mentally. Chapters 5-8

4. There is something ironic in the fact that Sophie is discovered in a "good" season. What is meant with "ironic"? What might have happened if the crops and newborn animals had been deviant? When Sophie and her six toes are discovered in a "good" season, it is ironic that she was the only deviation discovered in an otherwise deviation-free period. For if Sophie was discovered in a "good" season, she wouldn't be discovered in a "bad" season. Furthermore, if the crops and newborn animals had been deviant, Sophie would not be discovered. 5. What truth did the explorer Marther discover? What was the result when he published his findings? On his voyages, Marther discovered to contrary belief that living forms are indeed growing in the Badlands country. When Marther published these findings, he found himself in conflict with...
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