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The Chinese In all of Us

By imontan Oct 18, 2014 1035 Words
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The Chinese in All of Us
A Mexican American Explores Multiculturalism
Our Society is the example of the definition of ethnic diversity. America has a large mix of citizens with different religious views, languages, nationalities, and races. Here in Florida Miami has a considerable amount of Cubans and Tampa/Orlando have a significant number of Puerto Ricans. While there are lot of Hispanics here in Florida and all of us speak the same language “Spanish”, most Hispanic cultures have their own twist on the Spanish language thus providing another element to each Hispanic culture. There is a multitude of religions in the United States such as Catholic, Christian, Buddhism, Atheism, Hinduism etc. When driving down Dale Mabry in Tampa you will see restaurants of all sorts. Within two miles you will likely run into at least one Spanish, Italian, or Asian inspired restaurant. Driving down the street you are most likely to see at least three different religious meeting temples, synagogues, or churches. Each individual’s culture contributes to the diversity of our society. There is a huge importance in keeping your culture alive. Americans regardless of being born in the U.S. need to make an extreme effort to keep their own culture alive in their homes and for the generations to come. The diversity here within America is beautiful and the point made by the author that I can agree to is that regardless of wanting to adopt the American way it is inevitable, because eventually if you don’t adopt the American way the American Way will adopt you. Our mixture of different cultures is seen in every day. When we wake up we drive our car to work which is possibly a Japanese or German car. When we go to lunch we may have a pasta dish or pizza which is inspired by Italians. Our coffee may be Hispanic. I really enjoyed reading this story it hit home. I am a Dominican American and can identify with the variety of cultures Rodriguez experiences when he first gets to America. Our lives are very much different from those in other countries. In the islands life is very much laid back and relaxed and even some countries in Europe have a two hour lunch break to go home eat and nap before coming back to work again, whereas here in America things are very fast paced. There isn’t enough time in the day for us to really rest and relax, Rodriguez points this out when he speaks about the “fast paced traffic lights” and the “impatience of the fast food counter.” This goes to show that because we are constantly on the go in America we expect things to be done in an instant. Living a fast paced life is a part of our culture here in America. Being able to identify with many different cultures in America is an essential. Due to our population being so distinctly different the only way to survive is to embrace the differences we come across on a daily basis. Being able to accept and cherish this land we live in is very important. Being unaccepting towards people with different cultures and different views is harmful to not only those people we are unwilling to accept but also to ourselves. By accepting differences we are able to grow in knowledge because we will most likely know new things about cultures we didn’t know had we not given others a chance. We also grow in character as we begin to be accepting and loving of others differences. As we begin to accept others for who they are we thus are able to accept ourselves for who we are and our changes. Let us all hold tight to our own culture while here in America so we can continue to make an impact on society. Regardless of being able to identify with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds I will always first identify myself as Dominican. My roots of being Dominican are very strong, and that is something that I will not let go of but will try to enrich in order that I will be able to keep my roots alive. I am hopeful that America would keep changing so that we may learn more about others but while America changes I hope all of us “thee American citizens” continue to hold onto our own cultures and continually make them stronger so that each race, ethnicity culture, nationality and language are made stronger. The quote from the story that resonates with me is “We are each of us different colors, but united we produce a wonderful, a beautiful effect.” It rings true that all our differences are beautiful and we reflect different colors that make America a sweeter and more vibrant place. Since our society is so different it allows us knowledge of different food, music, dances and fashion. I have to say that while I love Dominican food I also love other Hispanics foods as well as to name a few; Italian, Greek and Asian cuisine. I don’t believe that staying in my country would have allowed me to experience the variety of different foods like America. I have been to countless Asian restaurants and believe I have found my favorite. Tarpon springs has some great Greek food so that’s where I go when I am having a craving for Gyro’s. Music is awesome. Often times I sit back and ponder about what the world would be like without music? It’s a very simple question but the answer is so complex that I don’t think anyone would be able to thoroughly answer that question. Music is something we hold within ourselves and it is beautiful and distinct. I love listening to Marc Anthony’s Salsa but I also enjoy listening to Bob Marley’s Reggae music. In closing if I could suggest anything to you it would be to embrace and dive deep into your culture so that it would be able to continually be shared here in America, as well as to be open to change and to people’s differences because their characteristics and individuality may show you a burst of colors you never experienced before.

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