The Challenge of studying aboard

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The Challenge of studying abroad
       With the development of globalization, people are seeking useful ways to become more internationalize to adapt to the future world. As a result, parents support their children to study abroad for further studies and adapt to different cultures. The numbers of students studying abroad have been increased largely in the twenty years. Undoubtedly, students can widen their horizons, get more life experiences and become more independent through studying abroad. However, every coin has two sides and studying abroad is not an exception. Studying abroad has a lot of fun, but certainly not easy. As a student, I personally think that the most challenge thing is the academic study. The challenge of academic language study consists in following classes, reading textbooks in timely period (Lin, Yi), understanding professors' words, taking lecture notes, and giving oral presentations (Ziyan, Hong), asking professors questions and interacting in seminar discussions and so on. I, personally, think the reading and oral speech are very hard to international students especially to Chinese students in Saint Louis University because all my Chinese friends are struggling in reading English texts and communicating clearly in class. In colleges, students have many resources to read before and after classes. The challenges in reading reflect in two aspects. First, the number of reading assignments are more than that you excepted. My friends me all struggle to finish our reading every day. Especially those classes belong to Arts and Science, such as History, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. On average, students have fifteen classes one week, and we need to read all the materials before the classes to follow our professors. If the professors always teach one chapter that has fifty pages in each class, we have to read and understand 750 pages academic knowledge. My friend Anna in the EAP 120 class complained she always spend five to six...

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