Reading Strategies Worksheet

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Reading Strategies Worksheet

Identify two reading goals, one short-term and one long-term.

• Long-term reading goal: I would like to make better use of my time spent reading. • Short-term reading goal: I plan to put into action several of the Active Reading strategy.

• How do you currently approach the weekly readings in the course?

I currently spend the first few days of each week reading all of the related materials for class. I may also read them again at random times during the week so I feel I could do better at retaining information from the first reading. I really feel that I am using up way too much of my time reading. If I have to go over them several times during the week. I am sure that by employing the techniques we covered this week I will be able to adapt an effective strategy that will minimize my time and maximize my comprehension.

• How might you incorporate three of the suggestions covered this week into your study time?

I will start by previewing the materials and asking myself what I need to learn from this reading. That will give me a basic idea of what the overall concept or idea the material is conveying. That will help me to identify the key information in the text. I will be sure to read the summary to help clarify what I have come up with by previewing the material. Using this first strategy will give me a good idea of how I should be marking the important parts of the text. I will mark only the parts of the text that help develop the ideas and information relevant to the learning objective. I basically plan to read the material, then make the appropriate markings. After using these first two strategies I will have enabled myself to have some effective review materials. I will hopefully be able to save myself some time by reviewing the parts of the text that are relevant.

How might this plan help you accomplish your reading goals?

I think this plan will help me accomplish my reading goals by...
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