The Central Meaning of American Dream

Topics: Meaning of life, Immigration to the United States, United States Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Central Meaning of American Dream
Immigration started to seeking for their possible future likely for more than 400 years, when the first group of immigrants on the ship Mayflower came to the “New World”, a place that offered much more freedom than their original home. The English pilgrims came to the land to seek their freedom in religion. In modern day, the meaning for being an American are more than just dreams, future, opportunity and freedom. The people who immigrated to America in either documented or undocumented ways, for them leaving their home to America is seeking for the dream which is offered in America. Documented immigrants have the right to work in the American job field, shared the part of fundamental rights that offered from constitution. Undocumented immigrants came to America without paperwork, working illegally, do not have the protection from the government; they are the dreamers, who have dreamed like everyone in the world, looking for a better life. But what is American Dream mean to them? In “Is the American Dream Over?,” article by Cal Thomas, he mention not only the dream has changed from original, it changed because the government started out in the condition of not function properly. MC#1 My point is not as simple as Hill argue in the article, but what Hill mention is true to the immigrants who are researching for the original American Dream. The dream become more on demand of goods you can have rather than meaning in the life, which it has been passed down by the generation to generation.

Existing immigrants and incoming immigrants, both increase the population in the America. I, as the first generation of the immigrants child, I saw not only one but a few more issues that were cause by immigrants. What they have brought out, is the issues and situation that entire society need to face. Because the American Dream changed to the way of demanding goods, TMP#1 Americans today tend to believe that more goods equal to more...
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