Definition Of The American Dream Essay

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American Dream

The American Dream to me seems like it’s overused. To me the American Dream is just a made up term for a “normal dream” because all it is is wanting success. The American Dream is just wanting to have a job, have an education, and have a family.
The American dream is mainly about being a success. To be a success is to make money, and the American dream is about making a lot of money. People want to make a lot of money because money can buy everything including any dream you had. But the only way to actually make the money is by having job. Having a job is a huge part of the American dream. Having a job is the only easy way to make money but doing the job isn’t easy. People want a job because most people want to work for their success because if success is just handed to you no one will know who you are, but if you work and make a success and a name for yourself people will remember you. Steve Jobs is a perfect example of this by creating Apple in his garage. But the only way he could do this is because he had a good education.
Education is another huge part of the american dream. Education means everything, from what job you can have and to what you even know in general. The cool thing about the american dream is that you can learn
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Even if you have two of the three parts, the American Dream just isn’t perfect, and having a family is a huge part because you always want someone to love and share with. Huge successes like Bill Gates or Robert Iger will still have their family even if they become unsuccessful. Now even though that is highly unlikely is still shows that having a family is the largest part of the American Dream. Because even if you don’t have success or a job having a family is a huge thing because you know someone will always be there for you. Having someone to pick you up when you’re down is the most amazing part of the American

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