The bridge in San Francisco

Topics: Suicide, Major depressive disorder, Death Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: April 20, 2014
The bridge in San Francisco
Since it was built in 1937 more than 16,000 have jumped to their death. It is a site where most people have committed suicide than anywhere else in the world, in 2004 there were 24 deaths from this bridge. In my research reading I found that the bridge had a note at the entrance saying ‘CRISIS COUNSELING. There is hope make the call. The consequences for jumping from this bridge are fatal and tragic’

The people in the film spoke of how suicides of friends had affected them and others spoke of why they wanted to commit suicide.

In terms of counselling to prevent suicide or helping clients with suicidal thoughts there is work to be done with interventions and understanding the mind set of such individuals. Some people are so desperate to end their suffering that their thoughts are clouded. I watched a programme titled ‘Piers Morgan life stories’ featuring Beverly Callad. She is a well-known actress currently starring in a popular TV soap opera called Coronation Street. She had spent many years suffering from clinical depression; during her last break down while she was in a psychiatric hospital, she tried to commit suicide. She had also tried 5 times before. In the interview she said that she had no recollection of what she had done but just wanted her life to stop. However, she remembers feeling worthless, unlovable and ugly despite the fact that she had a loving family. In the ‘Bridge Video’ many of the jumpers were in loving family environments. However their thoughts still turned to suicide leaving their loved ones totally devastated, confused and sometimes feeling guilty. It’s difficult for people to understand why someone would want to die when they themselves do not know.

Suicidal thoughts can lead to anxiety and confusion, talking thoughts through with someone can be beneficial. These thoughts are triggered by different things and experienced differently by different people. Some thoughts arise from loss due to...
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