Emile Durkheim's Three Types Of Suicide

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As proved in Emile Durkheim’s sociological research project, Suicide, people who end their lives tend to be categorized in three types of suicides: egoistic, altruistic, and anomic (Zulke 19). Egoistic suicide relates to individuals who feel they are isolated from society and detached from others, inevitably leading one to believe that suicide is the appropriate solution to avoid becoming a burden. Alternatively, however, altruistic suicide correlates with people who view their life as less valuable than those belonging in a group and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the benefit of others. Dissimilar to the idea of egoistic and altruistic suicide pertaining to an individual’s extent of social integration within society, anomic suicide pertains to those who feel they lack normalness in their lives when society experiences drastic changes. Individuals who usually feel fulfilled with their day-to-day behavior but encounter a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness in their goals demonstrate a lose in motivation to want to keep living.
Some famous examples of suicides are
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Unfortunately, the families of those people remain unaware of the suicidal attempts as those persons typically decide to remain quiet about their depression. This, however, affects me drastically as I not only constantly worry about their well being, but I also feel helpless when trying to comfort them. Particularly for young people, depression in an individual remains unknown until it is too late. Therefore, to prevent more suicides, the immediate response is to make sure the individuals are not left alone so that they are not able to self-harm themselves. Likewise, seeking professional help and letting those closest to that person know what is happening is another step towards combatting depression and lowering suicide

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